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Residential Interiors have been always a core part of our services. We create well thought bespoke designs for you to call a home. Our team will find the optimal solution for your future place of strength. A perfectly balanced spatial planning twisted with experience-based design solutions will create a flawless space for concentration, revival and retreat.

KG Design develops the interior spaces, handles all documentation bureaucracy, approvals, procurements, manages construction timelines, qualities and budgets on your behalf.
Sit back relax and wait to move in to a classy tailor-made interior of your dreams.

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Opening a new Food & Beverage (F&B) place in UAE is indeed a long and thrilling journey unlike in many other places worldwide.
Strict timelines, specified vendors, client obligations, design codes and FINES is what your first meeting at site will mostly sound like.

Business in Dubai does not forgive you mistakes, and this is where hiring experienced and professional team of Designers comes to first place.

During almost 9 years on the market, KG Design team has successfully completed projects in most of the major Dubai Locations, and worked with the most possible landlords. You name it- we have it :Emaar, Nakheel, Trakhees ,Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Hills, Nakheel mall, Circle Mall, The Pointe, these are only few locations where we worked.

Our key strengths in this field is not only design aesthetics but also experience based procedure know-how. We are certified and prequalified with varieties of the main vendors, registered with all government entities ready to be your reliable partner paving your way towards successful food concept in UAE with peace and confidence.


Our Commercial /Retail interior design always starts with deep analysis, of your business, customers, their desires and behaviors. Our experienced team creates unforgettable image of your business both aesthetically and functionally rethinking the space with efficient zoning, styling and decor.

KG Design team are familiar with all the government approval processes with a proven track of experience within all major Malls and vendors around UAE. The Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Nakheel Mall, Marina Mall, JBR, Blue Waters these are just few names with whom we already have successfully finished projects Commercial and Retail Projects.

Make your life easier by hiring our professional team with vast experience to make sure you meet your handover deadlines.

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Space planning / Technical consultancy

If you don’t think of a space planning in your daily life, it means your space is well-planned. Very few can do it by themselves. For others, there are bespoke interior design services.


KG Design will keep worries about the best furniture placement, ergonometrics and sizes -away from you. Bespoke spatial planning maximizes the design potential and efficiency while discreetly bringing together both form and function in perfect harmony.


We understand that each space has its unique characteristics to which we must find the key to unlock its full potential. Our creative ideas and extensive experience will bring perfect balance to your interiors.


Since 2014 we have been mastering our skills in Construction Project Management (CPM) and turn key project handling. CPM is an essential part of Fit out process at any construction work size and it is crucial for those who values their time and money.

Providing end to end turn key project management is an essential part of KG Design work model. By providing superior advice and decision-making experience across all stages of the project our team will mitigate any arising issues in a timely manner.

KG design project management will take care of cooperation between architects/designers, contractors, authorities and other stakeholders to ensure strong and fruitful performance with the highest quality that is delivered on time !

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KG Design...
is everything you need for building your dream HOME

We`re a full service Design studio based in Dubai, that provides professional services in the fields of Interior design, Architecture and Fit-Out.

Our services include :
+Site survey & feasibility studies
+ Space planning
+ Interior design, Architecture 
+ 3D Visualization services
+ FF&E specification and procurement 
+ Turn key Project handling 
+ Client representative project management and many more

We design unique spaces in various locations world wide

We are team of diplomaed Architects with world-wide experience in residential design

Our team is capable to deliver a wide range of fit out and interior decoration services.

Our certified PM will make sure your project follows three main criteria TIME/BUDGET/QUALITY.

The things we do best

unique designs

All our works are 100% unique concepts made by our dedicated team.

price / service ratio

We do offer one of the most competitive market prices.

product sourcE

We know the market inside out, and will surely get you the best price/ quality offer.

Technic know-how

With over 10 y. of experience we know exactly how to bring ideas to life.

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Come and meet us for a cup of delicious tea/coffee, while exchanging ideas questions and suggestions. Our design consultant will advice you the most suitable design package to smoothly handle your project. Meeting can be arranged at any location.

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GET AN offer

Receive your quotation, read it carefully to understand a key price formation points, inclusions/exclusions, timelines, deliverables and both party obligations. Finalizing the offer gives you plenty of flexible options to craft your own way to a successful project finishing.

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Starting design with us is a pleasant process, where we work closely with you to guide design into a smooth union of your needs and wants and aesthetic appeal. You will be able to track the progress, and influence all construction stages

Who is it for?

Our services are for those people who value their time, money and comfort, No matter what are you designing home/office or business, our team of experts will be always there to advice and to support you at any stage. Working with professionals will keep your project running smooth ans sound.

Frequently asked questions

It is stipulated in our agreement that we provide 2 (Two) Concept Design options at the stage of research. However, important to say, that our Design process is built on a very close communication between Designer and Clients, where one way or another, client plays vital role in design process at all the stages. After a thorough brief on design task we do run our short survey to understand personality of the client and there life style. This helps us to create the most functional planning solutions that will be both aesthetically pleasant and functional. Despite having two options in a Concept stage, moving forward 3D and Shop Drawings,  client will still do have space for changes, in Colors, Textures and Materials  that would not be charged separately.
Overall with our wide experience and a unique processes, our team will make sure your Project goes Smooth and Sound through entire process.

Most frequent questions and answers

When is the best time to involve a designer ?

If you think an interior designer’s role is simply to make a room pretty once the architects and builders have finished the job, think again. Interior designers bring a lot to the planning table, and when the designer and building team collaborate on the front end, that’s when design magic can truly happen.

That best results are always driven from an early collaboration in everything from space planning and furniture placement to planning for special finishes and determining locations of electrical and other MEP services.
Interior designers’ specialty is ensuring that a space works optimally for the people who live in and experience it 

Why do I Need an Interior Designer ?

Regardless whether you just moved to a new house or you simply want to refresh your house, an interior decorator can help you organize and plan everything. This goes for any major change you‘d like to make in your household, such as creating a baby-room, a study or redecorating the living room.

Interior designers are trained to think creatively and spatially and learn to see an overall picture in an interior space that clients often cannot. … A professional interior designer will create and interior that is custom-designed pieces to make sure everything fits perfectly and is truly special to your home.

How many Concept design options will be Provided?


  • Save money. You might have thought that hiring a professional interior designer is far above your budget, but in reality, this can only help you earn more in savings. Our Designer Discounts at variety of suppliers  Worldwide and in UAE itself, will surely save costs and add quality to your Project.
  • Save time. With our Design experience, we will make sure to observe clashes and overlaps at early stage and help you mitigating it with best solutions, to make sure your project runs on Time
  • Long-lasting results. …
  • Better contacts and resources. With over 8 years of experience at UAE market you can sure, to get our support and market know how, on executing or procuring anything you need for a project.
  • Customized designs. Your space should not only look amazing, but it should be a reflection of your personality and style, and it should function in a way that works with how you live your life. It might sound impossible, and that’s because incredible interior design does not happen by chance. Great spaces are carefully explored, planned, and curated by professionals.
  • Increased home value. A designer Space always holds more value comparing to a self built one.  A customized well versed solutions with an an outstanding sense of taste and technical/aesthetic know how, will surely Increase your space value on a Market.

How Hiring An Interior Designer Can Help Save Money

  • Real estate investments are the by the far the most expensive most people will make in their lifetime. Every dollar spent is an investment not just in cash, but also in time and energy. So, many homeowners wonder if it’s financially viable or even wise to hire an interior designer. Do professional fees end up taking too large a percentage from the overall budget to make using an interior designer truly worthwhile?
  • The answer is a resounding no. Anyone with a realistic budget should hire an interior designer, ideally at the very beginning of a project, according to Donna Hoffman of Interiors By Donna Hoffman.
  • “Get a designer onto your team sooner than you think so they can guide you about what to ask and how to speak with builders and architects,” she says.
  • Designers can also help with the bidding and negotiation process. “With this newfound wisdom, homeowners are able to procure bids that have accurate materials allowances so there are no surprise overage invoices mid-way through a project or at the end,”

Can you design one room ?

Firstly, the only way to truly learn a skill is by actually doing what you’ll have to do in the real world. Secondly, I think practice can be a fun way of putting in the necessary hours. There are, however, some people who will disagree. Thirdly, and most importantly, it is said that people tend to remember only 10-20% of what they read or hear. Moreover, that 

what is your cost based on ?

Thirdly, and most importantly, it is said that people tend to remember only 10-20% of what they read or hear. Moreover, that number rises to as much as 90% when you put theory to practice. In conclusion, following up explanation with practice is key to mastering a skill.
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